Freelancer since the beginning of 2018. Always open for new challenges!

Since 2015 focusing on open source and cloud: working with big data technologies, cloud, data science and infrastructure as code.

Hands on experience in cloud with AWS, Azure and OpenStack. Automation is the key, and philosophy is pay-as-you-go. DevOps tools under my belt: Terraform, Consul, Ansible, Docker.

I believe in division of data storage and data processing, hence focus on object storage and fully automated processing solutions in the cloud.

Experience with open source: Hadoop (Apache, Hortonworks), Kafka, Spark, Hive, Storm, Anaconda…

Knowledge and experience within data science and machine learning engineering using Scala and Python.

Hold a BSc in computer science and MSc in psychology.

My linkedin if you wish to connect.

My github account with over thirty project in the fields of automation and data science.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Great to see you working on Hadoop Marko! Was googling around and ended up on your blog. Subscribed already! hit me back on @sankeyplus 😀


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