Streaming with Storm – simple example with HDFS bolt

Submitting topology

Run the following to submit the topology to the cluster

storm jar target/org.package-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar org.package.RandomWordsTopology

The last line of the output:

[main] INFO  b.s.StormSubmitter - Finished submitting topology: RandomWordsHdfsTopology

The topology can now be monitored from the storm-ui-server:8874. After a minute or so, you can see the topology visualization.


And if you check in HDFS in folder storm-data

sudo -u storm hadoop fs -ls /storm-data

You can see a file is being that the HDFS bolt is appending to. Keep in mind that this example has short random words in spout, so the file will not grow as quickly.

Now we have a simple Storm topology on our cluster.

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