Upgrading Hortonworks Data Platform from 2.3.4 to 2.4.0


The process is split into two major processes – installation of the version and the upgrade of the version. Upgrade is explained on the next page – Page 3. We begin with the installation process.

Installation process

In Ambari, on the Admin menu, click on Stack and Versions.

Choose Versions tab.

Click on Manage Versions

Manage Versions window pops up. Click OK.

Manage Versions

In the Versions window click on Register Version


Register the new version

Register Version

And add the repositories corresponding to the system. My clusters are on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty.
This means check ubuntu14 checkbox and find links that match the system’s version. All repositories can be found here. Copy the Base URL links.


Click Save and this brings you back to the Versions window

Versions 2

Go back to the main dashboard, click on menu Admin and choose Stacks and Versions. The Versions tab is updated with the newest package

Available versions

Install the packages by clicking on the Install Packages. The confirmation window appears

Install Confirmation

The installing process begins
Install progress

When the installation process is done, upgrade can begin.

Perform Upgrade

Click on Page 3 to read about the upgrade process.

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