Upgrading Hortonworks Data Platform from 2.3.4 to 2.4.0

Upgrade process

It is recommended to follow the upgrade process by drilling down to the services being upgraded. Especially if it might take long time (one time, the NameNode upgrade got stucked because of the Safemode status – solution is described here).

Now the upgrade can begin. Click on Perform Upgrade

Perform Upgrade

Two upgrade options are available – Rolling Upgrade and Express Upgrade. The Rolling Upgrade keeps the services running, while the Express Upgrade stops the services while the upgrade is performed.

Click on Express Upgrade and click on Proceed.

Upgrade Options

Confirmation window appears. Select Yes to move on

Express upgrade confirmation

You are asked to stop all YARN queues. This step can be passed, check the checkbox and click Proceed if you have not made any changes to the property mentioned in the warning window.

Warning YARN queues

Warning about the upgrade being finalized and downgrade is not an option. Check the checkbox if the manual backup steps have been performed.
Click on Finalize.

finalize upgrade

The upgrade process is running and graphical interfce offers an insight into the process by drilling down to the services being processed. It is possible to see the out and err log files.

If there is an error in during the process, it can be fixed and that particular step can be installed again.

After the upgrade process is finished, a report similar to the one below comes up

Express upgrade report

Clicking on Dismiss concludes the upgrade process and the current HDP version is now

Upgrade finished

If you check Stack and Versions under menu Admin, tab Stack, you will see that all services, installed or uninstalled, have a version number ending with 2.4


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